Assignment due: See submission deadline at Intro to Biostats (no extensions: 10% deduction for each day late)

Assignment marks: [10]


Using the README.Rmd file you created and updated for Assignments 1 through 5, add another code chunk that includes the analysis required for assignment 6. Knit the document, and the push the changes to Github. Email a link to the updated repo to:

Your task for this assignment is to import the datasets into your R session, and for each dataset: - Tidy the data (if nessesary); - Explore the data with plots;
- State the null and alternative hypotheses;
- Perform a linear regression, stating the assumptions that underlie the analysis, and showing appropriate diagnostic plots; - Provide the test statistic, degrees of freedom, p-value, and your interpretation of the outcome of the analysis.

Set your chunk options to echo all code, and remember to annotate your code using ‘# comment’ in your chunks so others can follow what you are doing at each step. And, use markdown headings and text between chunks to guide readers.

Chunk 1

Housing prices

The dataset includes data on the interest rate and house prices in the USA. Explore the dataset. The data can be accessed at:

Once you have completed the analysis, re-format your exploratory figure to be publication ready (use ggplot2 or R base graphics). Things to consider include, but are not limited to: axis titles, font sizes, plot dimensions, point size/colour/shape, whether to include a regression line (with or without error data).